Welcome to When the Wind Whispers. In this blog, I’ll shares tales revealed to me by the Wyoming wind. Some are true.


Though I am a Georgia native, Wyoming figures prominently in my life. When I was in fourth grade, my mother took a one-year sabbatical (which actually lasted the rest of her life) to research and write about how American women got the vote, which they did first in Wyoming Territory in 1869.


My family had always traveled in the west, but my formative-year summers were spent in the Wyoming state archives and in dusty libraries, tracking the people my mother came through her research to know and love. By the time I reached late high school, I functioned as her research assistant and eager reader, a role that continued until she died at age 64, her book still unpublished.


In subsequent years, I kept being drawn to the suffrage story, but other parts of my life demanded attention. I practiced law and then left to start a consulting business. I married and then divorced. I cared for my father as he lived and then died with dementia.


After I moved to Wyoming in 2019, I was pulled back into my mother’s research and writing. I was also inspired to reflect on the effect of growing up with Wyoming’s influence. I was taken by stories about Wyoming and her people. Themes came to me, seemingly blown in by the intractable Wyoming wind. I started writing them down, and When the Wind Whispers was born.


But the wind doesn’t just bring me other people’s stories: it carries truths that I’ve been seeking. In some cases, it carries truths I’ve been avoiding.


Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve made the most important decisions of my life while in Wyoming, usually while either walking or sitting in nature. Wyoming is elemental: vast and open, beautiful and harsh. Wyoming and her wind take nothing personally; they simply are. They reveal what’s true. In the face of that truth, we have the choice to acknowledge or to deny, to engage or to hide.


Wyoming has become my great teacher. I’ve brought questions and problems to her for resolution, feeling that I was broken or misunderstood.


The wind dried my tears and blew my hair away from my eyes so that I could see clearly. Sometimes a gentle caress, sometimes a forceful push forward, sometimes an intransigent force that I have to lean into and press through, the wind reveals what’s true and strengthens me. The wind reveals my fierceness. It shapes me.


When the Wind Whispers, I stop and listen. I reflect. Ultimately, I act. I’m changed.


This blog presents the wind’s insights, and I invite you to join me to discover what the wind may whisper to you.